What I love about fashion is that it all boils down to clothing, sometimes (usually) just getting dressed. The vast majority of the world does not get to dive into what inspired their clothing, or who and how it was made.

Here, we got to dive in. And this is what surfaced from the abyss. 


I love happy accidents. What is to follow was not the initial intention but things change and I like the new direction.



I'll save you the details. Since first quarter, the collection has evolved into a pieces collection, all individually looking very ready to wear but when layered can give a fashion forward feel. Building these pieces, so that there are plenty of options to pick from, is where I am currently working in this process of love.

I do not yet have a line up because with each new added piece, a once thought 'complete look', may radically change. I hope you too can find the joy in this style of producing organically. I got the feeling recently that this collection has matured and I am merely nurturing it to grow.

In the near future, some pieces you see now will be deconstructed and reconstructed. There will be more pants, shorts, t-shirts and short dresses and a heavier focus on functionality, including pockets and easier fastenings. Also a huge thank you to my good friends, model Ryan Jones, and producer Juan Stevens.

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