I daydreamed of an imaginary muse, a modern day version of an artsy girlfriend of a surfer boy inspired by the 1966 surfing documentary, The Endless Summer.

I love the sun and ocean more than anything in the world. To be truly inspired, I needed to place my muse by the ocean in something fun, comfortable and unique.

The mood is carefree with a hint of crazy. These pieces are meant to be thrown over the bikini when heading in for a quick bite on the board walk or a late night to remember.

The Endless Summer

Filmmaker/narrator Bruce Brown travels with Mike Hynson and Robert August, on a surfing trip around the world, following the summer season.

I've watched The Endless Summer, probably over 60 times by now. I love the grainy old film, Bruce's soothing voice, and all the fun adventure. 

I would watch it to feel calm, get me excited about how big the world is, or just to enjoy the scenery.

I was also thinking a lot about choices. These men chose to take a leap of faith and do something new. Yeah, they got banged up a little, but what an experience.  I value originality and staying true to your hearts desires. I, like these guys in the movie, could have easily chosen to take the easy route, do something normal, or not push myself to be more creative. But where's the fun in that?

Some how, some way, I wanted my senior year to be the same. Super fun, filled with discovery, and my fair share of learning and being humbled by nature.

With all that being said, the textile I created for senior, is what has inspired me the most, so here is that side of the story.

I started seriously thinking about my senior collection around March of 2018. I was working on the 'Doris' look on my garments page. While experimenting, I thought about using yarn instead of serge-machine clippings. This made the fabric softer, thicker, and more durable. 

One day Francisco, a dear friend, came over and absolutely loved the swatch. He asked for me to make him a t-shirt of it, and the experience was quite fun but very time and labor intensive.

I knew if I liked the idea and wanted to seriously consider it, I would have to find out how to do it in a time efficient manner. 

Time is a funny thing. Soon enough, I was in love with my textile and determined to use it. I just needed to convince my professor to allow me to do it in a timely manner.

Part of that process was making myself a contract. It is here for you to download and tweak to use for yourself or get another good giggle from. Self love is at the top of my priority list.

I know this may seem silly to an outsider, but if you would like some insight on the life of a fashion design student, here are some links, Princeton Review, Stevie Jarrett, and of course! BOF.

Not to say that this pattern needs to be continued, I'm saying quite the opposite. But I did feel that it was necessary for me to write this contract. 

And I encourage others to do something similar. We are amazing creatures, who have limits, lets honor that.

Moose is the name of my best dog in the world.

My Initial Thoughts

Francisco, whom I've mentioned above, is a graphic designer and said he would help me with the digital/branding/marketing side of things. 

It is safe to say, I was over eager in the beginning and really thought, with the right help, I could turn this into a small cottage business.

It hasn't happened yet... my pieces are couture and in an extremely exclusive price range. Francisco was and still is most interested in taking the concept and making something more sellable. I feel there is a missing connection, from my clothing to the ready to wear, but we may find that link soon.

So, once again, keep tuning in, because I would hate to see this disappear just because I graduated.

Enough about me! I'd like to introduce you to,

My Muse... Tes

Tes as in the first letters from The Endless Summer!! 


While studying at Savannah College of Art and Design, I was introduced to a talented young photographer and surfer, named Ymke Franssen. She fits my muse perfectly.

Thank you so much, Ymke Frassen!

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Just to clarify, Tes is my imaginary muse and Ymke is the closest real life thing to her. 

But to be a thousand percent honest, my friends are my muses, they come into my studio and play with my garments as I am working and I fall in love with the interaction.

I understand the life is not always like this, but I dream of a world where I would know and love my customers personally.